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How to maintain/retain ultra tree nodes(of multi level) expansions after reloading/repopulating the data source?


I am using ultratree and populating the data like below,  with different levels.

When i delete any of the nodes or add the new node at any level, i set the datasource to populate with data of recently added or deleted(i am retrieving from db). My problem is, every time  i delete or add any new nodes, ultra tree collapses. How can i maintain the same expansions that i have previously after reset the datasource.?

Thank in Advance.


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    I could able to retain the expansion of the Ultratree by doing below steps

    1) I got the list of expanded Node keys 

    2) Repopulated the datasource

    3) got the nodes based off my initial list of expanded Node keys

    4) and i have set the property Expanded to true for all the nodes.

    Hoping there will be some performance issues, if you have huge data in the ultra tree. Any suggestions from Experts?.

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    Hello Shaik,

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics!

    This is the expected behavior as the UltraTree does not know the same datasource us being assigned to it. You can track what node are expanded and collapsed and then re-expand them after re-binding data: