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Modifying the UltraTreeNode's default tool tip color affects the UltraToolbarsManager's tooltip in metrodark theme


In our project we are using classic and metro dark themes. In metro dark theme changing the ultra treenode's foreground color of default tooltip in isl file(Appstylist) . This affects UltraToolbarsManager's tooltip also. some controls are not affected like ultra grid. Please find the attached screenshot.

Is there a way to change the default forecolor for UltraTreenode through isl file.

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    The best way for us to assist you is if you provide a small, isolated sample that we can run and use for debugging locally.  Please be sure to include your ISL file.

    If you are unable to provide an isolated sample I may be able to give suggestions if you provide your ISL and some code being used in your form.

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    6523.GridExportPDF.zipHello Michael,

    Thank you for your reply.

     I am attaching the sample application with isl file here.In that application i added a UltraTree and a UltraGrid. For both the controls i am setting the style through Isl file. Actually my question is regarding the default tooltip which is shown automatically when the content is not displayed fully. 

    UltraGrid and UltraTree are having the same default tooltip. Is there a way to show diffrent tooltip for both. i mean with       different back and fore color. Can i achieve this with isl file itself?

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