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Different grid behavior for AllowAddNew.TemplateOnTop vs TemplateOnBottom

I have an UltraWinGrid 12.1 that works perfectly when the add row is on top. I want to give the user the option to switch the add row to the bottom. However, when they do that the behavior of the grid changes like this:

As soon as any key is entered into the add line, a new add row is shown (two lines with asterisks), confusing the user. This is different than when add row is on top, where you only have one asterisk line. 

The only code that gets executed to move the add row to the bottom is this line:

 grdGrid.DisplayLayout.Bands(0).Override.AllowAddNew = AllowAddNew.TemplateOnBottom

I should note that once this code is executed and you move the add row back to the top the double asterisk now appears on the top too! I can only clear it by leaving the screen and returning to it, initializing the whole thing. I analyzed the differences between the two saved grid layout XML files and the only difference if the value of <AllowAddNew>6 (for the bottom) versus 7 (for the top).

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