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Load an Appointment from Datakey

Hi all

I'm woking with daycalendar and for each created appointment I save all information (included the DataKey) to the database

I also list all appointments read from the DB into an UltraWinGrid and I would like to be able to load an appointment by doubleclicking  on the Ultragrid (using the datakey and not by clicking on the appointment itself), but I'm not able to do this

More in detail:

1) I create and empty appointment:

Dim Appointment As Infragistics.Win.UltraWinSchedule.Appointment

2) I try to fill the Appointment by a real one got from the Calendar info, thru the DataKey (ID)

Appointment = CalendarInfo.SelectedAppointments.GetItem(ID)

What I'm doing wrong?

How can i search by an existing appointment in the calendar using the Datakey?

Thanks for your help


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    Hi Michael

    it works fine, even if if can be slow in case of several appointments. Thanks!!

    I'd suggest, for the future, to have the possibility to make a direct reference thru the DataKey

    Best regards


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