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Ultradrop search multiple columns

I am using a ultradropdown in a ultragrid.  This is working as expected as it searches the display column.  New client requirement to search values in the display column and an additional column.  

I gather this is not possible with the ultradropdown.  Is there another control that would serve us better?  Do we need to build our own custom control?  

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    Offline posted

    I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what behavior you are looking for. It sounds like you are talking about the auto-complete functionality. Like when the user clicks into a cell and drops down the list and starts typing, the DropDown searches the list and AutoCompletes a match. 

    How would that work for more than one column? What if what the user typed matched two different columns? Would one have precedence over the other or something? 

    Or are you talking about some other kind of search/filtering functionality? 

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