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ItemEnteredEditMode (Your Example)


I'm using your sample that is posted online and when I paste the code in to VS2017 and Infragistics 16.1 Win CLR4x I get two Errors

Option Strict On Disallows implict conversions from UIElement to EmdeddableUIElementBase
Option Strict On Disallows implict conversions from Object to EmdeddableEditorBase

Swiching Option Strict to Off is not acceptable and it doesn'y help anyway.

Can you tell me why and how do I stop this from happening.



Sub ultraListView1_ItemEnteredEditMode(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Infragistics.Win.UltraWinListView.ItemEnteredEditModeEventArgs) Handles ultraListView1.ItemEnteredEditMode ' If the embeddable editor for this item supports a dropdown, ' call the DropDown method. Dim embeddableElement As EmbeddableUIElementBase = e.Item.UIElement.GetDescendant(GetType(EmbeddableUIElementBase), e.Item) Dim editor As EmbeddableEditorBase = IIf(Not embeddableElement Is Nothing, embeddableElement.Editor, Nothing) If (Not editor Is Nothing AndAlso editor.SupportsDropDown) Then editor.DropDown() End If End Sub
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