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UltraGrid displaying wingdings in Windows 10 after update 1803

We have a legacy thick client product with windows forms initially designed using NetAdvantage 2004 Vol2 and NetAdvantage Ultimate 2011 Vol2. On later versions of Windows 10, the font in our results grid appears different from the MS Sans Serif we are accustomed to seeing, and when a cell is selected, WingDings are displayed. We do not explicitly set any specific font. The only thing we ever set font-wise is to either bold and set a font color so it has been a little difficult to step through the control intitialization and see why it is rendering differently. I do not see where the font is being applied or changed during initialization or event handling. This only seems to affect environments running version 1803 (Creator Update) of Windows 10. Older versions of Windows 10 and all versions of Windows 7 are unaffected. I've attempted to update the font in the grid in the Display Layout Appearance section, but it does not make any difference. The grid's font property is set to Microsoft Sans Serif, 8.25pt in Visual Studio properties page. This is happening across the entire thick client, 100's of forms, not just a few few forms. 

Is there possibly a default native font defined in Infragistics that is not available in Windows 10 update? Looking at my Surface Tablet which is running the 1703 update of Windows 10, this issue does not appear, and it seems that the same fonts are installed on both machines.

This is what the form looks like the the design view:

This is what it looks like at run time with a cell selected:

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