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Auto reference Infragistic Assemblies when Custom Control is dragged onto Form in the Designer

I have created a custom control that inherits the UltraPanel in a Class Library Project (window forms).  I then created a Windows Forms Project and added a reference to my Class Library Project.  My custom control is added to the Toolbox.  When I drag that custom control onto a Form the requied Infragistics DLLs are not auto-reference as they are when an Infragistics control is dragged onto a Form.  How can I get my custom controls to automatically "load or reference" the required infragistics DLLs when they are dragged onto Forms?

The Assemblies required just for the UltraPanel are as follows...




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    The dependencies are added automatically by Visual Studio and I believe it is based on what assemblies are referenced in the manifest of the assembly containing the control that is being dragged on the design surface.  The assemblies that are referenced in the manifest of the assembly are dependent on the code that is compiled and if it references anything from those assemblies.  If there are dependencies that aren't being added it is likely that your code isn't actually referencing anything in those assemblies directly.