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TreeNode with CustomControl or with UltraComboEditor

I have a UltraTree with Nodes, where i want a UltraComboEditor beside. My Node now has a Checkbox, a Image and a Text. 

Beside the Text should be a ComboEditor.

You can see how the tree should look like in the next picture. 

UltraTreeNode node = new UltraTreeNode();
node.Override.NodeStyle = NodeStyle.CheckBox;
node.Text = element.Text;

When i put a EditorComponent on the Node, then i loose the text but get the UltraComboEditor instead.
node.Override.EditorComponent = new UltraComboEditor();

How do i get a node how it looks like in Picture 1?
I tried to write a MyCustomControl with a UltraLabel and a UltraComboEditor as a UserControl, but i can't
set it as EditorComponent. Need some help how to write the CustomControl please.

node.Override.EditorComponent = new MyCustomControl();
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