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Hide UltrapivotGrid´s custom areas (filter, row, columns, measures)


Is it possible to hide the dark grey default areas of the component? I mean filter, measures, rows and columns. See the picture.

After doing a filter we would like to hide it and show for modifying it or creating a new composition.

Thanks in advance, Gorka.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Gorka,

    I have been investigating the behavior you are looking to achieve, and there does not currently exist a built-in way to hide the UltraPivotGrid’s “drop-areas.” As such, the best thing I can recommend in this case is to use a CreationFilter for the UltraPivotGrid, as this will allow you to access the UI elements that make up these pieces and hide them by modifying their Rect. These elements are the RowDropAreaUIElement, ColumnDropAreaUIElement, FilterDropAreaUIElement, and MeasureDropAreaUIElement, and if you modify their Rect in the AfterCreateChildElements method of the IUIElementCreationFilter interface that you need to implement to create a CreationFilter, you can effectively modify their visibility. It is worth noting that doing this may have adverse effects on the layout of the actual UltraPivotGrid itself, though, and so this may not be a route that you wish to go down.

    If you would like to see the ability to hide the drop areas of the UltraPivotGrid built-in to the control, I would recommend suggesting a new product idea for this at our Windows Forms Ideas Site. This will place you in direct communication with our product management teams who plan and prioritize upcoming features and development based on community and user feedback.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.