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Can't programatically change Grid background when theme is applied

I have numerous color themes defined for my application and the user can select the one they want to use. This application is very big and has numerous Grids which are all used in different ways.  Because to this at times the theme colors are not appropriate.  In these cases we need a way to override the theme colors.  Frequently we can simply write code to set a particular color after the theme is set. 

I have included a simply example demonstrating this problem.



This doesn't work in the case of the background color for the Grid. background color applied in code is ignored.  

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    Hello Andy, 

    The ResolutionOrder property will allow you to configure the Appearances in the manner in which you've explained. Open each ISL file and change the ComponentRole's Resolution Order to "ControlThenApplication". (see screenshot below for more details). After doing this and running your sample, each background color is now respected. Let me know if you have any questions.