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UltraTree bound to a typed DataSet but only 2 of the 3 tables (nodes) appear

Outlook-style TreeView bound to a typed dataset with 3 hierarchical tables, and expecting 3 hierarchical nodes.  The first two are naturally hierarchical in the database, the dataset, and the TreeView with foreign key/relation constraint.  The second two tables are relation-only (the link is forged in the query as in the database, the tables are separated by breaking tables etc.and not guaranteed unique).  In the ColumnSet layout wizard, I only saw the first two, so I manually added columns and columnset for the third, and that now appears in the ColumnSet layout wizard.  However, when I run the application and fill the dataset, I do not see ever see the third node. 

I have checked the third table after filling the dataset.  There are many rows, and I can see the parent 2nd table row from each row in the third table.  The data looks fine to me.  I have iterated through the nodes in code and the third node is missing. 

Can you provide hints as to what might cause this or where to look?  I'm suspecting it might be that I am using a relation link instead of a foreign key/Relation link between the last two tables.

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