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Problem with press and hold


I have a WinForms application with a grid with TimeSlotUIElement or HourUIElement elements. The problem that I have is, when I do an action with the right click of mouse, the type of the UIElement (that I capture with UltradayView.UIElement.ElementFromPoint(e.Location)) is TimeSlotUIElement or HourUIElement, no problem about this.

But, when I do the same touching the screen of my laptop, the type of UIElement is PressAndHoldUIElement and I don't know how can look or how I can find if the selection is TimeSlotUIElement or HourUIElement.

I hope that you understand me.

Any help?

I use the Infragistics 14.1


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    Hello Ferran,

    I have been investigating into the behavior you are reporting, and I cannot seem to reproduce the behavior you are seeing. On mouse click or touch of the UltraDayView, I am always receiving either a TimeSlotUIElement, HourUIElement, or MinutesUIElement. I have not run into a scenario yet where a “PressAndHoldUIElement” appears.

    I have been testing using the MouseClick event of the UltraDayView against version 14.1.20141.2178 of Infragistics for Windows Forms 2014 Volume 1, as I am unsure of the exact event that you are using in this case. I am attaching the sample project I have used to test this. Please test this on your machine, as the way it behaves may help to narrow the cause of this issue down a bit further.

    It is also worth noting that upon searching our API, our source code, and Google, I am not able to find any trace of a “PressAndHoldUIElement” class. By chance, are you using a CreationFilter or DrawFilter for your UltraDayView in this case?

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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