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UltraWinGrid Scrollbar

I am trying to code a load routine that appends data to a list that is bound to an UltraWinGrid control when the scrollposition of the scrollbar hits a certain point.  I am doing this via a handler of the "AfterRowRegionScroll" event for the grid.  Everything works great if either I scroll when hovering over the grid using the mouse wheel, or if I use the up/down arrows on the scrollbar itself.  But - if I scroll by dragging the grid "box" or rectangle to the bottom of the scrollbar area, then I do get my data to load with the event, but I cannot reposition the scroll location of the scroll box like the other cases do.  Instead, the scrollbox will sit at the bottom of the scrollbar no matter whether I scroll up or down (or with the mousewheel).  It also does not shrink in size like it does with the other methods (because there are more rows in the grid).  The other strange thing is that if I click that scroll box, then it moves to the current scroll position and shrinks as expected.  

Can someone give me some insight as to how I can make this work like the other two scrolling methods?

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    Thank you for posting. I followed the steps you suggested and was unable to reproduce the behavior you're describing.

    I created a sample of UltraGrid and bind with some data, I used AfterRowRegionScroll event to bind some more data while scrolling the grid using scroll bar .

    Now when I run the sample ,grid loads some data and while scrolling the grid either by scrollbar or dragging the rectangle box at the bottom ,it loads more data and it does reposition the scrollbar and did shrink in size due to increasing the number of data in the grid.
    I have attached the sample project I used to test this. Please test this project on your PC; whether or not it works correctly may help indicate the nature of this problem.
    Also please provide the clear steps of what you are experiencing and what you are expecting with each steps if in case I am missing something to reproduce.

    If the project does not work correctly, then the change in behavior is due to differences in your environment from mine and these differences can be anything from operating system version to the specific version of the Infragistics DLL versions used. My test was performed using version 18.2.20182.175 . Please provide more details about your machine and build of the version 18.2 that you are referencing so that I can modify the environment that I am testing in to match yours.

    If the project does show the product feature working correctly, then more information will be needed to reproduce the issue in a sample that can be used for debugging. It will help if you can provide a small, isolated sample application that demonstrates the behavior you are seeing. This can be done by either making the sample that I provided more like your application or by isolating the behavior from your application by removing dependencies on any third parties or databases.

    Please let me know if I can provide any further assistance.

    Divya Jain
    Associate Software Developer