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Tooltip for label in ribbon

Hi all,

I encountered a strange behaviour of a label tool in the ribbon.

If I set the formatted tooltip text it only appears if I also, in addition, set the normal tool tiptext. It doesn't matter what I set for normal tooltiptext, a blank is enough, but something must be filled in to make the other formatted tooltiptext appear.

ultraToolbarsManager1.Tools["MyLabel"].SharedProps.ToolTipTextFormatted = "<b>BlaBla</b>";
ultraToolbarsManager1.Tools["MyLabel"].SharedProps.ToolTipText = " "; // Blank makes the above formatted ttoltip appear

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?



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    Offline posted
    Hello Michael,
    Thank you for contacting Infragistics!
    I have looked into this matter and have been able to reproduce the behavior you describe. I have logged this for further investigation with the ID 260620. I have also created a private case where I will provide you with more details.