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Store recurring appointments in database and use the 'Outlook2003Appointment-Dialog'

Hello, i work on an old Project with VS2008; .Net 2.x and Infragistics 8.2 (not possible to upgrade the Project at the Moment!). I use the calender info and fill the appointments and owner structure via dataset from a SQL Server 2008 R2 database. I store my additional Infos i Need in a csv-list in the datakey and handle additional Relations on the database via stored procs, that proof on insert, update and delete what to do. So if i have a appointment on a day for several 'owner', my sp handels this on the database and i also catch the 'close' of the appointment Dialog to create the additional appointments in the calender info collection. This works fine for me. But i have a Problem with this if the appointment should be a recurrence!

My wish: take the reccurence-pattern (ex. 10 daily recurrence) and create 10 appointments in the database with a flag that they belong to a 'reccurence' and a relations-table for this recurrende (say rec 1).

But how Looks the structure i must build, if i create my appointment-collection from the database?

I never load all appointments, so I mostly don't load the root appointment!

What is the best way to use the Recurrence2003 Dialog with all the work infragistcs allready done?

Should i sign each appointment-recurence as variance?



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