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UltraTree bound to 4 hierarchical DataTables. Unexpected column order

UltraTree bound to 4 hierarhical DataTables with relationships.  All columns visible for clarity. I have not altered col.LayoutInfo.OriginX or anything else. 1st table has 6 columns.  Linked are images of typed DataSet and 2 ultraTree1.ViewStyles (default, and OutlookExpress) on Pinterest (may need to download to see full size):

A. ViewStyle = default (all columns on all rows are in the same order as the DataTable

B. ViewStyle = OutlookExpress (some discrepancies in column order)

Row[1].Col[0] =  66 but should be 1070

Row[2].Col[1] = "CD33" but should be "10010"

Column order for all DataTable as follows (deployed version will hide column 0 and 3,4,5,6,7, etc.)

[0] = primary key 

[1] = displayed value (string).  (should be = column.ColumnSet.ExpansionIndicatorColumn.Key)

[2] = status (string)

Almost everything displays as expected except the two items mentioned under ViewStyle = OutlookExpress

('m not understanding what determines the default column order here or why they changed between the default ViewStyle and the OutlookExpress ViewStyle? It's clearly not the order in the DataTable.

thanks, Mark

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