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Adding new ICustomSummaryCalculator to an ultrawingrid "default" sigma popdown selector. Help please :¬) -Retry 2

I am back for a another go at this and i hope that because i have upgraded to 18.1 i will get a better result

I have a working ICustomSummaryCalculator which adds an "Alway On" summary to my columns

Users would like this ICustomSummaryCalculator  to be added as an option in your summary selector (activated via the sigma button)

Is there any way to do this that does not invole me writing a ton of replacement UI code that basicaly would emulate what you ahve already done

I saw some way to do it with some Web.UI version and some custom summary editor in ASP land so it got my hopes up for c#

If the answer is still NO could you tell me how to hide my ICustomSummaryCalculator  with out removing it
HINT - "SummarySettings.Hidden=false;" does not do anything, it still shows

All appendages crossed here