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Excel Export Password protected files in 12.2


Is it possible to export Password Protected Excel workbooks with version 12.2? I already have a working solution to export all of my workbooks and it all works perfectly, but the only references to being able to password protect these files seems to be in later versions.  It would be inconvenient for everyone I work with to have to update their infragistics just for this one specific project.

Ideally, I would like to export the workbook and then specify the password at the same time as when I choose where to save their file. 

Thanks in advance

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    Thank you for posting in our forums.

    The password support was introduced in 14.1.  If you are deploying your application, your coworkers would not need to update their own versions of Infragistics, but instead the application would "ship" with the needed version.

    If you have any further questions or concerns with this, please let me know.