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Remote Desktop disconnect/reconnect, TX Textcontrol losing all but plain text

Hello all

The RIbbon of the UltraToolBarsManager "rebuilds" controls somehow when reconnecting to a remote desktop session.

I have a form with a ToolBarsManager (no matter if panel or not).
I have a Textcontrol with some formatted text, tables, whatever.
No properties set except ultraToolBarsManager1.Ribbon.Visible=true (without it, everything is ok).

I disconnect from the RDS Session, I reconnect.

Everything is the same except for the contents of the Textcontrol which is replaced by plain text.
The pro's at TX Textcontrol say, that this can only happen, because the ToolBarsManager reconstructs the controls and "sees" only the Text-property which contains only the plain text - no formatting, no tables, no fields, ....
They suggest using their Ribbon, which we would do if we didn't have an ERP system with thousands of sourcefiles using lots of Infragistics controls.

What solution do you suggest?
Waiting for a bug fix?

-- Robert