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Grid ColumnStyle and EditorResolved.IsValid

I have an UltraCombo embedded at the column level, primarily for the flexibility in formatting it provides; the Combo is bound to a DataTable. Since embeddededitor events are suppressed (or ignored) the grid's BeforeExitEditMode  event is overridden to perform a customized version of LimitToList validation. Part of the validation is checking the EditorResoved.IsValid property, which doesn't appear to have much documentation. 

The value of this property appears to be dependent on the ColumnStyle property. When left as default or set to DropDown, The EditorResolved.IsValid property correctly identifies when the typed text is in the UltraCombo's ValueList, EXCEPT when ONLY NUMBERS are typed in; in this case, it seems to think any numbers are valid despite there being no numbers in the UltraCombo's valueList displayed items.

However, when the ColumnStyle is set to DropDownValidate, the EditorResolved.IsValid property correctly identifies whether the typed in text is in the ValueList regardless of what's typed in.

Is this some undocumented subtlety of the DropDownValidate style or the EditorResolved.IsValid property, or is this a bug, and the IsValid property should work regardless of the ColumnStyle setting ?