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WinDockManager - Is this the best option for a graphical layout of rows with different number of columns

Hi, I'm trying to create a visual representation of a vending machine layout so that the office can set up and change the product layout and the guy on the road can see the current layout as he's re-stocking it.
It would have a fixed number or rows (shelves) but each row could have a different number of columns (product slots) depending on the size of the product.

My thought was for each slot be represented by a control with a picture of the current product and a combo box containing a list of products that we can stock it with, when we are setting up or changing the product in that slot.
So in the app, if row 1 had eight squares representing 8 slots, row 2 might have 4 rectangles representing only 4 slots for larger products.

The WinDockManager looked like it might work for me, but before I really tunnel into that, I thought I'd ask if there was a more suitable control that I should try.

I would be grateful for any thoughts or opinions.

Do let me know if I've managed to post this in the wrong place.