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Incremental search in UltraGrid

As discussed in this question:

Is there a built in feature that supports incremental search? So if on the grid, I begin typing "me" it should jump to a row with a column that starts with that. Dev Express has this feature:

Please let met know how we can achieve that without the filter row.

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    Hello Eti, 

    You can utilize our implementation from our documentation by iterating the rows, enter edit mode, perform a SelStart, SelLength, and return the character or phrase. Note, the row object has a IsDataRow property, and IsFilterRow. You can place an "If" check carry out these parameters. 

    if ( null != row )
    	Type rowType = row.GetType( );
    	bool isDataRow = row.IsDataRow;
    	bool isGroupByRow = row.IsGroupByRow;
    	bool isFilterRow = row.IsFilterRow;
    	bool isSummaryRow = row.IsSummaryRow;
    	bool isTemplateAddRow = row.IsTemplateAddRow;


    public static void FindPhrase(UltraGrid grid, String s)
                           foreach (UltraGridRow row in grid.Rows)
                    foreach (UltraGridCell cell in row.Cells)
                        if (cell.Text.Contains(s))
                            //The cell must be activated first
                            //Cell must be in edit mode to perform selection
                            //Start the selection
                            cell.SelStart = cell.Text.IndexOf(s);
                            //For this length
                            cell.SelLength = s.Length;
                            //For eye candy, make this the first visible row
                            grid.DisplayLayout.RowScrollRegions[0].FirstRow = row;

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    Here's a sample I wrote a while back with a class that automatically does a search on the sorted column of the grid: