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Unable to get the object background in test complete automation tool for Ultratoolbarmanager.

Hi There,

Our application is developed with infragistics controls that we are automating now using Test Complete tool. The problem here is we cant able to get the object background for Ultratoolbarmanager .

Ultratoolbarmanager is added as context menu  (this.utmContext.SetContextMenuUltra(this.uGridApp, "pMenuContext");)  and ribbon. I can able to get the object background when its from ribbon but when its added to context menu I cant able to get the object. When using .Net control as context menu then I am able to get the object background.


contextmenustrip - .Net control

Background object getting by - Sys.Process("XXX").WinFormsObject("SetupBaseContextMenuStrip")

At this point I am getting the object from contextmenustrip control & and it is working for me, I am able to spy the object with items property values

This is the direct control


ultratoolbarsmanager - infragistics control

Background object getting by - Sys.Process("XXX").WinFormsObject("DropDownForm", "pMenuContext - 0").WinFormsObject("PopupControl")

At this point, I am not getting the object from ultratoolbarsmanager control and not able to spy any of the options. but when it getting from ribbion  I am able to spy the object with items property values


Please can any one help me to sort this out, is there any proprieties I have to mention regarding this.

Thanks in advance.

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    Unfortunately, we don't support TestComplete and have limited experience working with that testing solution. A quick search on the SmartBear website indicates that they do provide specialized objects for some of our controls. However, I do not see PopupControl (which is the control displayed in the UltraToolbarsManager's PopupMenuTool,) listed in their supported controls. I recommend reaching out to SmartBear support to see if they can provided some assistance we getting TestComplete to recognize the PopupControl.

    Let me know if you have any further questions I may be able to assist you with.


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