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EmbeddableUIElementBase issue with PositionChildElements


I am looking for a solution to add UltraGrid inside UltraGrid cell. I have accomplished this using embeddable editor type as other UltraGrid. The problem is that I have no way of showing the cell value in same UltraGrid as when I go out of edit mode the control is hidden. This could be part of the custom implementation we have in our software, but I can't change this behavior at this point.

One way I found to overcome this is to use EmbeddableUIElementBase.PositionChildElements as we use this to add controls when the editor is inactive. So my question is - how do I add same control to embeddableUIElement.ChildElements? I believe ChildElements.Add expects UIElement to be added and my UltraGrid is just a regular Control type (therefore I get exception). Is there a way to wrap UltraGrid inside ControlUIElementBase so it would draw correctly?

Thanks !


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