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Strange behavior UltraWinGrid rows not repainted.


  1. I have recently been allocated to work on an application that is using Infragistics v 11.2. 
  2. The application launches a tab inside which we have another tab with a grid. Here we are loading a Infragistics Windows Grid wrapped inside WPF - we use Prism 
  3. Double click on a row, and a tab opens - on same level to that of the grid tab, with details of the row.
  4. Close the details tab and few rows in the grid are not painted - they look empty and greyed out.
  5. Resize the app and the rows re-appear. If you move the focus on the rows, the data is visible. Its just that the row is not painted correctly.

Some more observation

  1. The grid has 20 rows and no need for scroll bars.
  2. I double click on row 2 to open a details tab
  3. I close the details tab and only the top 2 and bottom 2 rows are visible.
  4. The grid still has 20 rows but the inbetween rows are greyed out or empty.
  5. I double click row 3 and then close the details tab, the top and bottom 3 rows are visible.
  6. This happens till row 9.
  7. Row 9 onwards, follow the same steps, and all rows in grid are visible.

If the number of rows are such that vertical scroll bar is required, then the behavior changes greying or emptying out rows 1 till the row that was double clicked for details.


  • By greyed out, I mean empty rows not displaying even the column boundaries. 
  • To recreate it, the details tab has to be closed as soon as it is opened. Since this was taking time to manually generate, I was doing it via code. So on double click event, we show the details tab, and in 500 ms [post sleep] I close it.
  • The lowest columns with same issue was 4.
  • The details also was showing 4 items.

I know that we are on a old version, but if this behavior is seen earlier please do share the fix or solutions.



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    Hello Ambarish, 

    Please provide a sample reproducing these issues. Any chance you would benefit from our native XamDataGrid wpf component instead of wrapping in an UltraGrid?

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    If you want to try to work around the issue (since you are using such an old version and we are not longer making fixes in that version) you could try to force the grid to repaint or refresh it's UIElements. Presumably you know when the details are closed, so you could trap for when that happens and try this: 


    If that doesn't work, you might need to introduce a delay and do this using a BeginInvoke instead of calling it directly. It might even be a good idea to test it by simply putting a button on the form that calls this code. Then close the details and click the button to see if it "fixes" the grid's display. 

    If that still doesn't help, then my guess is that the grid is failing to get the data for some reason. It must be getting the rows, but not the data from the row, or something along those lines. In which case, we would need a sample to look into it. But since clicking on the grid or scrolling it seems to correct the issue, it seems more likely that it's a painting or UIElement issue.