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Losing current value of UltraCombo while clicking on DropDown button.

I am using Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.UltraCombo for getting the Drop down List.

and hence selected,  DropDownStyle = UltraComboStyle.DropDownList; But I'am losing it's value (i.e. udRuleContext.Value) when I click on drop-down button.

I am using following Method to bind RuleCombo and 'udRuleContext' is object of 'UltraCombo',

private void BindRuleCombo()
if (this.udRuleContext.DataSource != null)
this.udRuleContext.DataSource = null;

this.udRuleContext.DataSource = this.listSelRules;
this.udRuleContext.DisplayMember = "RuleName";
this.udRuleContext.ValueMember = "RuleName";

So, how can I tackle this issue so that the field's current value should not be lost while clicking the drop-down button?

I am using Infragistics Professional 2017 vol 1.

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