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UltraCheckBox, UltraRadioButtonList sized too small after 19.1 on 4k design surface and display


After upgrading from 18.2 to 19.1
all of the UltraCheckBoxes and Ultra radio button lists are very tiny.
Everything else looks fine.

Regular System.Windows.Forms.CheckBox is also fine.

I use a 4k monitor for design and viewing.
Visual Studio 2019, windows 10 latest.

It looked fine before this upgrade.

Any suggestions, as have thousands of these in various forms.
(this is a large app with hundreds of screens)

For the checkboxes i can change these over to regular windows checkboxes by editing directly in the designer file for win forms
Not so easy for radio button lists or ultra radio buttons in group managers.

The text size is fine, just the size of checkboxes and radio buttons.