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Install older version of DLL's to Visual Studio

I just got a new laptop and re-installed Visual Studio 2010 and the Ingragistics controls for windows forms.

Then I discovered the visual basic program I distribute would not run on users machines when I updated them with new features. The problem is they all have version 17.1 2074 of the DLL's on their machines.

When I re-installed I now seem to have version 17.1 2108 in the CLR4.0 Bin folder. So I changed my program to reference the old DLL's in another folder and the users were then able to use the new program exe. 

But now I notice the controls on my forms cannot be selected in the visual studio IDE. I tried replacing the CLR4.0 folder with old one from my old PC but then Visual Studio just crashed when I tried to select any objects such as a button.

So I put the new CLR4.0 back but still cant access the objects.

How can I just install the 2074 version again of the dll's? I cant remember but I think it must have checked for updates when I used the install I had from the original time.

It is not practical to give everyone new dlls.