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New joiner on Ultratree

Hi I'm new on Infragistics Tools .

I wanted to build an ultratree based on an SQL view. The data is Added as BindingSource per code.

Result is given me the needed data on right structure (parent / child)

I don't find the way how

- the check box from the (SynchronizedCheckBox) should be bound to a value in dataset column 1
- column 2 should be invisible , also all columns after column 4
- column 3 is my text
- column 4 should be an input box / textbox where i can add - modify data

Or should i better go to Grid ?

Thanks for all help

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    the visible/invisibe I found out with

    Ultrawintree.ColumnSettings.ColumnSets(0).Columns("Checkbox").Visible = False

    Ultrawintree.ColumnSettings.ColumnSets(1).Columns("Checkbox").Visible = False

    but I Don't know what is 0 and 1 meaning, in my tests 0 switch off on very first level and the 1 switch off on all other sublevels

    Also when I add

     UltraWinTree.ViewStyle = UltraWinTree.ViewStyle.Standard

     UltraWinTree.Override.NodeStyle = NodeStyle.SynchronizedCheckBox

    I get the synchronised check box, and only the first column of my dataset which should be hidden , it's here the value of "Checkbox"

    By removing the 2 lines I have the tree as I want except the missing check box and the free input box.

    May be someone can tell me how to add an additional column (checkbox style) in first place which I can fill by code on line generation. Should be checked if the data in ID-code is not NULL.


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    Hello ,

    Thank you for posting .About your first question ,SynchronizedCheckboxes only works on the nodes whose style is CheckBox. So you can't really do that with multiple columns. It might be a nice feature for us to allow them to link it to a column.
    You can suggest new feature idea for future versions (or vote for existing ones) at <>.

    Regarding to hide the columns you can use Visible property. and the best place to do that is in the ColumnSetGenerated event. Something like this :

    rootColumnSet.Columns["CustomerID"].Visible = false;

    For having a textbox column having editing capabilities you can get it by setting the UltraTree.Override.LabelEdit property to true. This will cause a TextBox to appear in the node when the user tries to edit the node.

    You can also refer to this post discussing the same behavior:

    Let me know if you have any question.

    -Divya Jain