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Ultrawingrid problems to filter and collapse

Dear all

I tried the UltrawinGrid and wanted to

- if checkbox1 in screen is checked i want to see all data , if not then I want only data which have in column called "A" value TRUE

I coded Following


Private Sub ugConsentement_FilterRow(sender As Object, e As FilterRowEventArgs) Handles ugConsentement.FilterRow

If CheckBox1.Checked = False Then

e.RowFilteredOut = Not e.Row.Cells("A").Value


e.RowFilteredOut = False

End If

End Sub

This works but only for all rows higher the BAND 0. So I triedto add a change on datasource with code :

If _DataSourceCS_Consentement_Grid Is Nothing Then Return

If CheckBox1.Checked Then




End If

this works for Band 0 . I think there will be an other simpliest solution  ?

With the combination of these 2 the 


looks like keeping the  Grid.rowFilter("A=True") as active  … Strange

As I'm on multiband is there also a way to detect the [+] symbol in front of each row so that he is only shown when really there are childs below.

Thanks for your help and have a nice day.

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