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Ultra Pivot Grid and MDX Selector


I'm trying to connect an ultra pivot grid and mdx data selector to our SSAS tabular model but the MDX data selector is showing as disabled and unpopulated and cannot select anything from the drop downs. Currently I'm still using a trial version of infragistics ultimate. Are these controls disabled in the trial version or do they not work with SSAS tabular model or what else could I be doing wrong?

I'm creating a new ADomdDatasource using an AdomdInitialSettings to initialize the data source. If set the connection string in the settings object as well as the catalog and cube. However, when I look in at the object in the watch window I noticed neither the catalog or cube properties have been set even though they've been specified in the AdomdDatasource.

In the connection string I'm using Provider = MSOLAP;Integrated Security=SSPI;data source = SSASTabularServer;



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    Hello Dave,

    Thank you for your post!

    I am rather curious if you are seeing any handled exceptions within the Output window in Visual Studio. More specifically, if you are seeing any System.ArgumentException instances. If you are, I would then recommend setting your Debug => Windows => Exception Settings so that you break on Common Language Runtime Exceptions => System.ArgumentException. The break message will likely give you more information as to why the AdomdDataSource is not populating, as your connection string looks fine to me in this case.

    For example, I have tried to use a connection string that you have provided, but since I am using an http link to the data source, the “integrated security” link is not supported and a System.ArgumentException is thrown.

    It’s also worth noting that we have a sample project available as well as a documentation article about creation of an AdomdDataSource that actually uses a tabular model that we host on our site. I am linking the documentation article here, and you can find a sample that runs this in the Windows Forms Samples Browser at WinPivotGrid => Data => PivotGridBindingToAdomd.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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