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No text displays in any Infragistics control

We have an application that uses Infragistics controls throughout the UI. We use the UltraFormManager for all forms. We used AppStylist to create an isl that we always apply when the app starts. We have deployed the application to hundreds of issues without serious display issues. Recently we deployed to a user and are seeing something very strange. On this particular user's machine the application installed properly but displays no text in any Infragistics control. The only exception appears to be the UltraTextEditor. We see text when entering the username and password on our login screen. When a generic Windows message box is displayed we see text on that. But nowhere else.

This user has 3 monitors at various resolutions and they are using Windows 10 v1809. Their other applications are working fine. We have spent a number of hours logged on to their machine remotely with no success. Of course, I suspect this issue is related to screen resolution and scaling but any changes we have attempted have had no effect.

I know this is a long shot, but is there anything else we might try to fix this issue?