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UltraWinListView trimming incorrectly in Windows 10

The main column in UltraWinListView is trimming the text incorrectly and inconsistently with the ellipsis option, for Windows 10 users. This is NOT seen in Windows 7 setups, for example. See attachment.

Version: 15.1.20151.2230

Is this a known issue? Has it been fixed in later versions? I would prefer to address the issue without having to upgrade, if possible.

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    Hello John,

    I have been investigating into the behavior you are seeing, and have been searching through our internal tracking systems to try to find anything resembling the issue you are seeing. At the moment, I have not found anything, though.

    This is a rather odd issue, as the ellipses seem to be appearing at different areas within the “State type” column, and at the moment I am unsure what could potentially cause this.

    There are many different ways that the UltraListView could be configured in this case, though, and as such, I would like to request the designer code as it pertains to the UltraListView or an isolated sample project from your end that reproduces this behavior you are seeing. Would it be possible for you to please provide either of these items?

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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