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Add custom multiselect combobox control to UltraWinGrid control


I'm trying to develop a sort of dynamic property editor using the UltraWinGrid.
I've got some types working like text, bool, date.

However I'm stuck with a multiselect combobox.

I've implemented it using the ControlContainerEditor class (see atached code)
I'm creating multiselect dropdown boxes and assigning them to the RenderingControl and EditingControl properties of the above class.

However, as you can see in the attached example, when I set a property to a list of integers the editing control shows things like i expect, but the renderingcontrol is still blank.
You can see it in the attached code: when you see the right cell in the line with PropMultiSelectListEditor it is blank. However, the moment you click on this cell (and thus swithc to the editor) you can see teh selected values sepreated by ";" as one expects.
Why is this not correctly rendered in the rendering control and what can be done to have it behave nicely?

We are using the 16.1 version of the controls (16.1.20161.2033)