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Ultragrid CellDouble Click not working as expected


I have a gird with a cell that should allow a double click. I can double click ten time and it wont register then sometime it will.

It appears to be that if I am double clicking in the middle of the cell it goes into edit mode (it has a drop down by the way) and I guess that is pone click wasted so my second click becomes another single one. However, if I click around the edges of the cell, so that I click it and the cursor remains as an arrow and does not go to the edit cursor then the double click event fires.

There is nothing special that I have done, I have just subscribed to the Dell Double click event so why does it only fire when clicked around the edge? It is not a problem with a straightforward text field, it seems to be something to do with drop down fields.

Please advise is there a setting I need to set somewhere so the double click is fired wherever I click within the cell?