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Formulas do not seem to match on row and columns

I think I may be miss-understanding the way in which formulas work...  I have put together a very simple example of what I am trying to do

int columnIndex = 1;
int rowIndex = 1;
decimal value1 = 10.2M;
decimal value2 = 5.1M;

WorksheetRow row = _worksheet.Rows[rowIndex];
row.Cells[1].Value = value1;
row.Cells[2].Value = value2;

string col1Label = ExcelColumnFromNumber(1);
string col2Label = ExcelColumnFromNumber(2);

Formula formulae = Formula.Parse($"=SUM(${col1Label}${rowIndex}:${col2Label}${rowIndex})", CellReferenceMode.A1);

What I find when I look in my generated .xlsx file is that my value1 is in B2, value2 is in C2, my formula is in E2 as expected however the formula is =SUM($A$1:$B$1) whereas it should be =SUM($B$2:$C$2).  What am I doing wron as this seems so simple.  I have tried various ways of setting the formula for the cell but the row and cell are always 1 out