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How to not fold Ribbon Group when Tool is full of windows


I am a new of Infragistics,  Now I am using Infragistics for development.

When I added a lot of tools to Ribbon Group, these tools exceed the width of the window form, Ribbon Group will be folded.

I want know is has a way to not fold the Ribbon Group?

like this:

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    The size of the ribbon is set to the size of its parent container. Generally, when the size is not enough, the ribbon would start re-sizing all child elements to fit them, until this is no longer possible, and then it will fold them.

    In case you would like to modify the default appearance of the controls, you can check the approach from this forum thread

    Currently, there is no implemented behavior that would create a second row of the ribbon to house the elements not fitting the window, so that would be a new product idea.

    In case you have limited space, and you would like to fit all tools in it, I would suggest changing the preferred size to normal or image only.

    Should you have any further questions, please let me know.

    Tihomir Tonev,
    Associate Software Developer