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Crash on loading excel excel workbook using Infragistics.Excel.Workbook.Load

Hi Infragistics

I am facing a crash while loading an Excel file using following code:




The crash appears only for xlsx file; not for xls.

I am receiving the excel file from my client. And strangely the crash does not happen with same aforesaid code if I do the following steps with the file before loading it with code:

  1. Manually open the file
  2. Make small change
  3. Save and Close

Development Environment:

  • Infragistics3.Documents.Excel.v11.1 - Version 11.1.20111.1003
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 - Version 15.9.4
  • Microsoft .NET Framework - Version 4.8.03752
  • Windows 10 Home Single Language

Thanks and Regards

Sukhminder Singh

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    Hello Sukhminder,

    I have been investigating into the behavior you are seeing, and I have found an internally logged issue that has since been fixed that appears to be the same issue as this one. The exception you are seeing was being caused by some restrictions that were present on the Excel 2003 formats that no longer existed as of the Excel 2007 formats. We were abiding by these restrictions until we had more support for Excel 2007 (.xlsx) formats, but there were still some restrictions that hadn’t been lifted that resulted in this erroneous behavior, and that was the reason for the issue being logged.

    The internally logged issue was fixed in late version 2013.2, and unfortunately there did not exist a known workaround to this behavior outside of upgrading to a version later than 2013.2. As such, and being that version 2011.1 is no longer supported or maintained, the best thing I can recommend to you in this case is to upgrade the version of Infragistics for Windows Forms that you are targeting to a more recent version. If you would like to Trial our latest version 2019.2, you can get this from our website, here:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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