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Conditionally add items to the UltraComboEditor inside UltraGrid

I have following data in a lookup table.

ID Category Deleted
1 Electronics False
2 Personal Care True
3 Smartphones False

I have an editable UltraGrid that allows users to select a category for each row, using a column having UltraComboEditor to display categories.

Users can only select categories that are not deleted i.e. Electronics and Smartphones. However, if the row already has a record that references deleted category (Personal care, Id=2), it should be added to the list of items in the UltraComboEditor

For all new rows, it UltraComboEditor should only contain non-deleted categories.

My Category column is similar to EmployeeID column in the following snapshot:

How can I accomplish that?


- Talha

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    I noticed that there are additional forum threads regarding the same query. Please, keep in mind that according to our support policy we handle singe thread per issues. This helps us ensure that all issues are addressed and handled correctly.
    Please take a look at this forum thread where I have already provided an answer and let me know if you have any additional questions.
    Thank you for using Infragistics components.

    Teodosia Hristodorova
    Associate Software Developer
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