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Infragistics support for the Core Designer surface

Will the Infragistics winforms controls now support the .Net core designer surface that is available in Visual Studio 2019?

Microsoft seems to say that their winforms designer surface for Core is (finally) ready for production use.  I'm wondering if Infragistics is also prepared for the core version of the designer, or if we should plan to keep using the legacy (.net Framework) designer surface.

I noticed this question was already posted earlier.

... it references "Toolbox integration" and I'm guessing that is the same as what I'm asking but I'm not certain....  I'm not a regular winforms developer so I may be using the wrong terminology.

I also found the following announcements about Infragisitics and their support for Core 3. (links below) One of the links says ... "Infragistics Ultimate now includes full support for .NET Core 3 in WPF, Windows Forms".  But I'm not certain that "full support" was also referring to the winforms core designer.  Given that the links are a bit old now, I'm guessing the information is not applicable to the designer itself.  Please let me know.

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    Hi David - 

    Thanks for the question - this is a hot topic!

    Currently we do not support the Preview of the Windows Forms designer, however, we will support this w/ .NET 5 + the RTM version of the designer.

    Here is where we are at today:

    • Infragistics WPF has basic support for design time and Toolbox
    • Infragistics Windows Forms has no WYSISYG / designer support today

    We _will_ have support across the board for the designers, we'll release as soon as we have something for you to preview, but I expect this to be ready with .NET 5 later this year.

    Shoot me an email or track this thread for updates.