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Installing Microsoft Office 2007 UI Capabilties

I have to modify a years-old WinForms app that uses NetAdvantage WinForms 2012.2 with Office UI capabilities. I have run the NetAdvantage WinForms 2012.2 installer. The original source code builds, but running the app does not display the UltraToolbars ribbon. Opening the Design view in Visual Studio displays “This project uses the UltraToolbarsManager Ribbon and/or PopupGalleryTool. See "Installing Microsoft Office 2007 UI Capabilities" for more information.”

Found this link to a forum entry with the same problem:

When running the installer, modify and/or repair and say yes to install the Office 2007 UI tools, never does a thing, says completed 0 of 0 and done.

Tried to uninstall and install again it but the result is the same.

Did you find the solution to the problem? Could you please share it with us?

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    Offline posted

    Hello David,

    My team and I have done an initial review of this issue you are seeing, and there does exist a workaround to this behavior, in that if you set the Office2007UICompatibility property of the UltraToolbarsManager to “false”, you should no longer receive this error message in your application.

    With the above said, there are a few factors that could potentially be causing this behavior. First, I’d like to know which installer you are using? Are you using an .msi file or the platform installer to install version 2012.2 of the Infragistics for Windows Forms toolset? If you are using the .msi, it is possible that you could be installing an earlier version of 2012.2 or using an earlier version of the installer. I would recommend utilizing the Platform Installer, as this may have an effect.

    Second, it is worth noting that I spoke with a senior developer on this matter, and they believe that removal of the contents of the licenses.licx file should have an effect here. The issue with this is that each time you touch the designer of your application, it will likely regenerate the contents of the licenses.licx file and so you will need to clear it again.

    If the above two options do not work for you, it may be that you need to upgrade to a newer version of the Infragistics for Windows Forms toolset where the restrictions on Office2007 UI Compatibility were relaxed by Microsoft and the Office 2007 UI capabilities were no longer a requirement.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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