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Tabbing not working for ControlContainerTool with UltraTextEditor as the Control in UltraToolbarsManager.


I have a UltraToolbarsManager with a several buttons and a ControlContainerTool that has a UltraTextEdtor as the contained control. I am using a UltraTextEditor so I can use the NullText property. The TextBoxTool does not seem to have the NullText property.
This works fine except with tabbing. I can tab into the text editor, but when I tab to the next control, the text editor seems to lose focus, but I cannot tell what control is tabbed to. When I hit tab again the TextEditor receives the focus again. 
I set AcceptsTab to false, TabStop to true, and I set the tab index for the Text editor, but it does not seem to make a difference.

If I use the TextBoxTool, the tabbing seems to work, but I do not get the NullText functionality.

Is there a way to either get tabbing to work using a UltraTextEditor as the contained control?


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