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UltraNumericEditor with MaskInput: fraction seems to cut off after 20


with Infragistics 20.1.104, given an SQL datatype like `numeric(23, 20)`, I'd like to use MaskInput to show an appropriate placeholder.

If I set it to `{LOC}-{double:3.20}`, though, the entire fractional portion gets set to a series of zeroes.

If I set it to `{LOC}-{double:3.19}`, this doesn't seem to occur.

So I think I'm running into some kind of internal limit?

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    Hello Soren,

    Thank you for contacting. In order to understand the issue i set up a basic sample like this:

    double value = 1.12345678901234567890D;
    and find 17 digits after the decimal and nothing more, ever, which makes me believe that there is a limit from the .net itself.
    Let me know if you have any question.
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