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UltraComboEditor with CheckedItems and ValueMembers within a UltragridCell


i am using a Ultragrid - in one Column a UltraComboEditor is used as EditorComponent.
The UltraComboEditor is set for multiple selection with checkboxes.

The Problem: the result of the ultracomboeditor is always the DisplayTEXT not the selected VALUES (IDs)

Example of the Content of the List:
ID: 100
s_Bezeichnung: "Kostenstelle 1"

wrong result: "KostenstelleA; KostenstelleB; KostenstelleC" 
right result: "100;200;300"

In the Database should be saved the IDs of the CheckedItems: 100;200;300

Definition of the UltraComboEditor:

Me.cboKStValueList.CheckedListSettings.CheckBoxStyle = Infragistics.Win.CheckStyle.CheckBox
Me.cboKStValueList.CheckedListSettings.EditorValueSource = Infragistics.Win.EditorWithComboValueSource.CheckedItems
Me.cboKStValueList.CheckedListSettings.ItemCheckArea = Infragistics.Win.ItemCheckArea.Item
Me.cboKStValueList.CheckedListSettings.ListSeparator = ";"
Me.cboKStValueList.DropDownStyle = Infragistics.Win.DropDownStyle.DropDownList

Me.cboKStValueList.DataSource = cls_ZE_global.lstKSt
Me.cboKStValueList.DisplayMember = "s_Bezeichnung"
Me.cboKStValueList.ValueMember = "ID"

Setting the UltraComboEditor as EditorComponent

For Each col As Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.UltraGridColumn In ugResult.DisplayLayout.Bands(0).Columns
Select Case col.Key
case "s_KSt"
col.EditorComponent = cboKStValueList

Thanks for your help!

Mike Fleisch