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UltraComboEditor ArrayList bound to OptionSet

Hi guys

I'm a total noob here! I have a question about this scenario.

I have UltraTabs (6 tabs in total). Each contains the text editors except they're bound to different columns in the sql table. Each text editor has a different name based on the tab its on. I looked at the sample project where you had this kind of setup whereby the ArrayList of the ComboEditor is set based on the OptionSet value selected. The problem I'm having is I have to refer to specific fields ON each tab for the description.

Here's some coding I used from your example. Please excuse any errors and feel free to correct me.

private void CreateDataSourcesForCombo()
            #region ArrayList of Completion

            this.arrayListforCompletion = new ArrayList(3);

            this.arrayListforCompletion.Add(new Completion(2, supportingNameUltraTextEditor.Text + " and " + originalNameUltraTextEditor.Text + " at entry"));
            this.arrayListforCompletion.Add(new Completion(3, originalNameUltraTextEditor.Text + " only at entry"));
            this.arrayListforCompletion.Add(new Completion(6, "No Printing Required"));

            #endregion // ArrayList of Completion
            #region ArrayList of Batch

            this.arrayListforBatch = new ArrayList(6);

            this.arrayListforBatch.Add(new Batch(1, supportingNameUltraTextEditor.Text + " at entry, " + originalNameUltraTextEditor.Text + " at batching"));
            this.arrayListforBatch.Add(new Batch(2, supportingNameUltraTextEditor.Text + " and " + originalNameUltraTextEditor.Text + " at entry"));
            this.arrayListforBatch.Add(new Batch(3, originalNameUltraTextEditor.Text + " only at entry"));
            this.arrayListforBatch.Add(new Batch(4, supportingNameUltraTextEditor.Text + " and " + originalNameUltraTextEditor.Text + " at batching"));
            this.arrayListforBatch.Add(new Batch(5, originalNameUltraTextEditor.Text + " only at batching"));
            this.arrayListforBatch.Add(new Batch(6, "No Printing Required"));

            #endregion // ArrayList of Batch

Obviously it's not inserting the TextEditor.Text part in the Combo.

Also, this is just for ONE of the tabs because of the TextEditor.Text names changing per tab.

I'm referring to the TextEditor.Text fields because I also use Validated on those fields if they are updated to change the description accordingly in the Combo.

Any suggestions?