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UltraCombo and UltraComboEditor Constraints

Hi guys,

I've just experience something weird. Or maybe it's just me. LOL.

I have a table that has a unique key between two column in that table. Each column is also linked to a different table. I currently have a normal VS combo box on my form, which works, but I wanted to change it out with a UltraComboEditor and ran into the following behaviour.

I select the main item. The default combo box value as per the item is automatically selected. I change the selection of the combo box and it changes text field values. The combo box selected value equals one column in the tables value. Right now the VS combo box works like expected. It changes values of the text boxes but the UltraCombo and UltraComboEditor does not. I'm sure it's something to do with the "Selected Value" option of the regular combo box that makes the difference.

I'm attaching an example.