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Slowdown in Ultragrid after the February 2021 Cumulative update of Windows 10


We've had numerous customers report a slowdown in our WinForm client since the February 2021 Windows 10 Cumulative update.  We have been working with Microsoft developer support to find what caused this.  It appears this update introduced a slowdown in the WIndows API GdipMeasureString. One place this gets called is from Graphics.MeasureString.  Microsoft is working on a fix for this but so far the solution they have come up with does not seem to return performance to it's original levels.

One spot we have found where MeasureString gets called is from the UltraGrid.  For instance setting the Active row will trigger a call into the Infragistics.Win.DrawUtility.MeasureString method which in turn calls Graphics MeasureString.

We are currently using the 2012 V2 version of the Infragistics controls and we are wondering if you are aware of this MS API slowness and if there have been any changes done to the controls since 2012 that might have improved this?

We are trying to determine if we should upgrade to the latest version or not.