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I am using the winschedule and it works fine.

My issue is i need to update our database when the user moves an appointment to a different date/time. I am currently using the calendarinfochanged, but that gets called all the time.

What do i need to check that has the appointment information and the new owner/date/time of the appointment when the user is FINISHED moving it?



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    Hello Darin,

    After some investigation I found two different approaches to your issue regarding handling the changes after the movement of the appointments is finished.

    The first approach is to use the AppointmentsDragDrop event, which is fired when a drag drop operation on an appointment or group of appointments is completed by the end user. I also suggest you to check out this page, that describes the event in more details and provide some more information about the EventArgs properties provided by the event.

    My other suggestion comes from this forum post, according to it another approach to handle the saving of the appointments, is to create a “Save” button in your application and then leave the saving to the user, saving could also be prompt to the user when they are closing the form/application or to any other condition that is suitable for your application.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Ivan Kitanov

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