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Set UltraComboEditor CheckedListSettings at runtime

I have an UltraComboEditor control in an UltraGrid cell.  This is part of cascading dropdowns.  Depending on the selection of the first dropdown, the second dropdown can select one or multiple items. 

I tried setting the CheckedListSettings.CheckBoxStyle = Infragistics.Win.CheckStyle.CheckBox on the second dropdown when an option is selected from the first dropdown, but the checkboxes never appear.  If I set this setting at design time, the checkboxes appear.

Can this property not be set at runtime?  Do I have to do something after the property is changed?

ruleChoiceDropdown.DropDownStyle = Infragistics.Win.DropDownStyle.DropDownList;
ruleChoiceDropdown.CheckedListSettings.CheckBoxStyle = Infragistics.Win.CheckStyle.CheckBox;
ruleChoiceDropdown.CheckedListSettings.EditorValueSource = Infragistics.Win.EditorWithComboValueSource.CheckedItems;
ruleChoiceDropdown.SetDataBinding(m_categories, string.Empty);
ruleChoiceDropdown.ValueMember = "CATG_UNIT_NM";
ruleChoiceDropdown.DisplayMember = "CATG_UNIT_NM";

If this is not possible, would creating a separate UltraComboEditor control with checkboxes and changing the EditorComponent of the cell at runtime work?